The Willi XC Challenge

28th Annual XC Flying Event in Golden, BC, Canada

July 27 - August 4, 2024

Golden Riverfront Campground

Camping is available right at our main LZ.

In addition to tent and RV sites there are also yurts and airbnb trailers.

For more information please see

Pilot Tracking Set-up With SPOT & InReach

Except for Novice pilots doing only sledders to the designated LZ, to compete in the Willi you must be flying with a SPOT or InReach device with tracking enabled.

Instructions for setting up your device to work with our system for pilot monitoring and emergency response can be downloaded here. If you have participated in the Willi previously, you can simply edit the old profile to include the current meet email and phone number (note the number has changed) and any other personal changes required.

Pilot Communication @ The Willi

To facilitate communications at the Willi XC, we will have three WhatsApp groups. The video on the right provides more information about each one.

Please be sure to download WhatsApp (find help here), then join all three groups by clicking on each of the links below...

  • Willi XC Announcements:

  • Willi XC Retrieves:

  • Willi XC Pilot Chat:

Columbia Valley Airspace

Avoiding controlled airspace around Golden can be challenging on those great XC days, but it is essential. Check out our most recent interpretation in this document. Airspace and related rules will be discussed at our first pilot meeting on Saturday morning and as needed after that.

We recommend all pilots flying Golden get their HAGAR or equivalent.

Mount 7 Weather Station

You can see the weather on launch anytime by going to the Holfuy, Mount 7, wind & weather report here:

The weather station was installed and is maintained by volunteers, and is supported by donations from pilots like you who benefit from having it there. Please consider donating to the cause at this link...

Preview Columbia Valley Flying

Pete Reagan takes you on a tour of the classic XC route from Golden to Canal Flats, throwing in a little history along the way. Total XC on his flight is right around 150 kms, and there is still a lot of valley to go.

To view the Columbia Valley around Golden via Google Maps, click here, or view it on Google Maps by copying and pasting this link...

You might also find this map of notable locations along the valley helpful.

Golden Tourism & Accommodation

With a varied selection of accommodations and many activities to experience, including family-friendly activities, the mountain town of Golden continues to be a perfect holiday destination from which to enjoy and explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Get all the information you need about things to do and places to stay at the Golden Tourism web page.

Golden, BC, Canada