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28th Annual XC Flying Event in Golden, BC, Canada

July 27 - August 4, 2024

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Willi News: 2023/06/02

June 03, 20233 min read

Planning for the Willi 2023 well underway. Here's the latest news...

New Website

We recently switched over to a new web site (, an update that was long overdue. While the new look and functionality are great, as some of you know this has caused some issues with forms and messages. Our web idiot...I mean techie (hard to get good help these days) is working through them and happy(?) to hear your comments/suggestions. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Early Registration Deadline - June 15

The deadline for getting the early registration rate of $125 is just 2 weeks away. After June 15 the fee will be $175.

If you haven't already, you can make payment at If you're not sure of your payment status, you can check at Let us know if you think there's been a mistake - we know they can happen.

Improved, Subsidized Retrieve

We don't include retrieves in the registration fee for the Willi. The cost would be prohibitive given the potential to have pilots flying almost anywhere within a 250+ km radius from launch. The liklelihood that full range gets used this year has been upgraded with free flying now permitted in some of the National Parks to our east (see

The great flying last year though exposed the limitations in our approach. That will happen when you have almost 11,000 kms of XC flown during the comp, with registered pilots flying 330+ kms each on average. So given our goal to get everyone home after a great day of flying, we have plans to upgrade what we do. Here's what you can expect...

  • Retrieve Coordination via WhatsApp - Pilots on the ground and designated retrieve vehicles will communicate with each other and our Safety Coordinator. To participate in this you will need a cell phone with data services available and the WhatsApp application installed.

  • Subsidized Retrieve Costs - Thanks to a new partnership with the Alberta HG and PG Association, registered pilots picked up by designated Willi retrieve vehicles will see the cost of rides back to Golden reduced to at least 50% of the rates generally charged by local drivers. Our volunteer drivers will be able to count on having their costs generously covered, while those who fly long get back sooner and cheaper.

Details are still being worked out and will be provided to registered pilots when available.

Free Food at the Willi

Regulars at the Willi know that the best deal in Golden is the Willi Breakfast every morning prior to the Pilot Meeting. Breakfast is free for registered pilots, and cheap for family and friends.

Last year, some of you also took advantage of our new Bombout Burger Bar, an evening get together offering burgers, dogs, salads, etc., also free to pilots. Our evening menu at the Bombou Burger Bar will be significantly upgraded this year thanks to the generosity of chef and PG pilot Patric Stettler. He and his company, P.S. Modern (, are working with us so everyone has an opportunity to replenish over great food while connecting with your flying peers.

Sponsors/Daily Prizes

The Willi couldn't happen without the help of our great sponsors. We're working with them right now to ensure great prizes are available for our daily draw after each Pilot Meeting. All registered pilots are eligible. In the meantime, checkout our Sponsor page ( and send your business their way whenever you can. And if you'd like to be a sponsor, let us know.

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