Willi Retro

As you might already know, the Willi XC Challenge turns 20 this year. It is also the 25th year of paragliding in Golden, and 40+ years of hang gliding.

We want to celebrate!!!

So we’re inviting anyone who has flown the Willi in the past, or ever flown Golden, to attend a FREE FLIGHT RETRO PARTY on Saturday, July 30, in the Pavilion at Golden Eco-Adventure Park. The band is booked, the buffet is planned, and the dance floor is being polished. Everyone is welcome to bring their (mostly) true stories and most garish flying apparel to share with others.

We’ve scoured the records and made a list of people we think should be there. You can see the list here…

If you know someone on the list, tell them about the party. If you see a name missing, or have contact info for someone who should be notified, let us know via email to flyfar@thewillixc.com.

Tickets for the party are $25, to cover the venue, meal and band. Participants in the 2016 Willi will get a free ticket in their registration package, but may want to add significant others and friends. Tickets will be available at the door, or can be ordered in advance by going to…

See you at the party!