Willi 2016 Sponsors and Helpers Rock!

You can’t run a meet like the Willi without great help. Thanks from all of us to (if we’ve missed someone, our apologies)….

  • Great Sponsors – see http://thewillixc.com/sponsors/ and please frequent their businesses
  • Vincene Muller – sponsor and retrieve driver extraordinaire
  • GEAR Owners and Staff – Cathy-Anne, John, Trina, Warren, Brandon
  • The Kitchen Ladies – Nicki and Elyse of Kickin’ Thyme Catering
  • Tracking Service – Dave Wheeler at http://xcfind.paraglide.us/
  • Launch Crew – Glen Kowalski, Stephanie Vegotsky (with notable help from many fluffers and wire people)
  • Spot Landing Monitor – Sotir Popov
  • Merchandising Mavens – Jody Duffy-Osmond, Kim Parkin
  • Social Media Master – Mark Damm
  • Learning Session Leaders – Garth Henderson, Ross Hunter, Kyle Martens, Andrew Berkley, Max Fanderl

Finally, a big thank you to all the pilots who joined us. See you all back next year!