We Weren’t Done Quite Yet

Just when you thought it was safe, we’re back with more news about The Willi XC 2022. Here are some unofficial stats from Dannie for 9 days of flying by the 32 pilots who reported flights…

  • Total Distance for Flights Reported: 10,794 kms
  • Average KMs Flown per Pilot: 337 kms
  • Reported Flights Over 200 Kms: 7 (3 in 3 days by Kevin Nemez)
  • Reported Flights Over 100 Kms: 46

Personal Bests were dropping like flies with just about everyone who flew setting one. We also know that more than 2000 kms were flown and not reported by pilots who were associated with the comp. Officially, we had the best damn week of Willi flying in recent memory.

Those who were there know that later in the week there was some controversy regarding airspace infractions. After the comp, the XCanada Admins continued to review, debate, and determine the acceptability of flights submitted. And because we use XCanada as our core scoring tool, we had to pay attention. The outcome is that the final results differ from those announced at out final dinner in the tent. You can see those results here…

Here’s how we plan to handle these now “official” results…

  • The first place pilots in each category as presented on our current scoring pages will receive the previously announced prize of free entry to Willi 2023. Those people are (with scores on 3 best flights)…
    – HG Advanced: Felix Cantesanu – 529.57
    – HG Intermediate: Loren White – 52.42
    – PG Competition: Serge Chiasson – 539.36
    – PG Advanced: Jonathan Godin – 563.85
    – PG Intermediate: Nick Stahler – 304.30
    – NG Novice: Justin Gullickson – 318.47
  • Those who received their commemorative water bottle prize at the dinner can keep it and brag to their friends – you deserve it. We will send out new bottles to those who didn’t get what they deserved.

See you at The Willi XC 2023, July 29 – Aug 6, 2023!