Virtual Willi 2020

There will be a Willi in 2020, just different. We just can’t imagine a year without one. If you’re a regular, you can keep your attendance streak going. If you’ve always wanted to participate but just couldn’t get to Golden, here’s your chance.

Here’s how it will work…

  1. Register by Friday, July 24. Go to: (Note: If you were already registered for the 2020 Willi, you’re in – no need to register again.) You can see who is entered by going here.
  2. Fly XC wherever you are during the usual dates of the Willi – July 25 to Aug 2. Just get yourself to a launch, get high and go far. We recommend you fly with a GPS tracker, just as you would during the Willi. Obviously, Dannie will not be tracking you. But trust me, he still cares.
  3. Submit a Willi Landing Form for each flight go to: Upload your flight to XCanada to get your points (see here). If you can’t do that, we will also accept a witnessed landing and trust your measured distance. Please don’t take a bonus for take-off from Upper Launch even if you do launch from Mt. 7. The Landing Bonus will still apply for a witnessed safe landing – we’re all about the safety.
  4. Best 3 flights registered during the week for each participating pilot will determine final standings in each pilot category. You can fly and enter Landing Forms as often as you like, but only your top 3 flights will count.
  5. Winners in each category will receive a free entry to Willi 2021.
  6. Results will be posted daily as they come in on this page and on the Willi FaceBook page.
  7. If you need help, Dannie and I will monitor the site and be available via email ( or chat on Facebook.
  8. Any disputes will be handled in the usual fashion – buy Dannie and I a beer each (we’ll provide PayPal info), we’ll drink them, then decide who we like best.