Skyview Ranch

HG and PG pilots flying Golden are welcome to land at Skyview Ranch, owned by Karen and Doug Keller and the home of the Willi. Skyview Ranch is in Nicholson (see Skyview Ranch Map), just south of Muller Flight Park and a slightly longer glide from launch – please adjust accordingly, especially in a south wind.

We ask that all pilots that choose to land at Skyview Ranch do the following…

  1. Sign and deliver the Skyview Ranch Waiver to Doug and Karen (or designated representative) prior to flying and landing. If you signed a waiver at the 2019 Willi, you are fine. If not or you’re not sure, click here to view and download the waiver.
  2. Follow the Rules. In order to retain use of this field, please adhere to the simple rules Doug and Karen have asked us to follow. Click here to view and download the rules.
  3. Respect the Owners, Community of Nicholson and Fellow Pilots. 

The Willi Team is working with Karen and Doug to add amenities at the field, including a porta-pottie, windsock, and windtalker. Of course, these additions come at a cost that we feel Doug and Karen should not have to bear. Some of these costs have been covered by dipping into the funds that we retain from your Willi entry fees to seed the following year’s competition. We have also approached the AHPA and BCHPA for funding.

If you can, please consider a donation to help us cover these costs – just click the Donate button below. All funds donated will be used only for pilot related amenities at Skyview Ranch and Mt. 7, Golden generally.

Thanks to all who choose to donate!