Pilot Documents

Documents you may find helpful as you prepare to attend the Willi can be found on our shared Google Drive by clicking here, or by copying and pasting this link into your browser…


(Please note: These documents will be updated just before the competition, so please check back. The prior year’s information is in the folder for reference only.)

Here’s what you will find…

  • Competition Information: Detailed info about the competition format, how we score flights, rules etc.
  • Safety Information: Describes safety precautions and expectations for pilot behaviour during the comp.
  • Spot Information: Instructions for setting up and using your SPOT for the Willi, including message details. Our phone number changes each year, so be sure to update that at least.
  • Flying Information/Suggestions: A site briefing, lessons learned, and other recommendations for flying with us during the Willi, and at other times in Golden.
  • XCCanada: Instructions for signing up to the XCCanada contest, which you need to complete scoring for XC flights during the Willi.
  • Willi Key Points: A downloadable waypoint file highlighting key points of interest, no land fields, etc.
  • Golden Airspace: A downloadable file (for those with the appropriate flight instruments) with latest information about airspace in the Columbia Valley.
  • Columbia Valley Map: An annotated map of the area.

Note that most of these documents are in PDF format so you will need some kind of PDF reader on your device to open them.