Competition Information

The Willi is open to PG and HG pilots. The winners of this meet will be the registered pilot in each class with the best total points for 3 flights over the course of the competition – July 23 to July 31, 2022 inclusive. You may fly as many flights as you wish every day – re-launches are allowed.  Only your best 3 flights over the competition will be counted. Please complete a landing form for all flights. Landing forms must be in by the end of the pilot meeting the following morning in order to be counted toward your points, but please have them in as soon as possible after your flight.


We decided to use online scoring in order to encourage use of the online contest site to…

  • Facilitate information sharing and learning about XC flying amongst pilots.
  • Standardize flight scoring and verification.
  • Encourage creativity in flight planning. The system automatically checks for O&R and FAI Triangle qualified flights, and provides bonuses (1.2points/km for O&R, 1.4 points/km for Triangles).

To use the XCanada/XContest World flight verification method, you must be registered at

Pilots already registered for the 2022 contest are ready to go. If you are registered for the XContest World, please add yourself to the XCanada list by going to, and choosing the Canada contest to register. This is important because we will use XCanada rules. These rules are roughly the same as World rules, with the exception of a 5% closing rule for all triangles (FAI and flat) vs. the 20% closing rule used in XCContest World.

For instructions to sign up for XCanada, click here.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the XContest Rules:

For this year only, you may launch from the Lookout (drive to) or Upper launches (hike in) at Mount 7 in Golden, unless a decision is made by the Meet Committee to designate an alternative launch. Please mark your start point on your GPS prior to flying.

You will receive a zero score for any flight that violates local site rules, restricted airspace in the area, involves a landing in a restricted area including the National Parks, or results in an unresolved conflict with a land owner. Restricted airspace and landing areas will be discussed at Pilot Meetings each morning. Pictures are available at Pilot Meetings.


Our agreement to use the launch and LZ requires all pilots to be insured by HPAC (with $3 million liability insurance). If you reside in Canada you must be a member of the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Canada. Foreign pilots may obtain temporary HPAC Insurance on the HPAC website.

All pilots will be required to sign a waiver for both the meet and LZ.


Pilots may register for the event anytime during the event. However, flights made prior to registration will not be counted toward points, except where prior arrangements have been made in advance with the Meet Director.


Headquarters will be located in the LZ at Skyview Ranch. Contact information for meet officials will be provided to registered pilots prior to the event.

Pilot Meetings/Information

There will be an online briefing each morning at approximately 9:30 AM. Please plan to attend, or check with someone who did. Standings and weather will be posted each morning (as possible). Your decision to fly or not fly is your own. Please check with the locals if you have concerns about the weather. Unless otherwise announced, final standings will be posted and prizes distributed after flying on Sunday, August 8.

Check In

Please be sure to check in each day as soon as possible after your flight. Check in procedures will be clarified at the first pilot meeting, and discussed or amended at daily morning pilot briefings.

Personal Decision Making

At all times, your decision to fly is your own. In the case of inclement weather or poor flying conditions, the Meet Director may decide to delay, suspend or cancel competition. These decisions will be made with the best information available, and to ensure a fair and safe meet for all competitors. However, in the absence of a decision by the Meet Director or anyone else involved with the meet, you must still decide personally whether it is safe for you to fly. Do not take any decision or lack of decision on our part as either endorsement of the flying conditions, or recommendation that you fly.

“Thanks for the Ride” Prize

Please get the name and phone number of any person who gives you a ride and include it on your landing form, including friends or family members. We will have a draw for a prize for drivers at the end of the week.