Past Winners Announcement

Hey Willi People,
After intense deliberation and consideration, we’ve come to a big decision. From now on (or at least till we change our minds), Willi winners from the prior year’s Willi will automatically receive free, gratis, absolutely no charge entry to the next year’s Willi so they can defend their title. Call it the “Can You Beat the Willi Again” challenge.
So that means the following winners from 2021 are eligible for free entry to the 2022 Willi: Felix Cantesanu, Chris McQuinn, Stefan Miller, Jonathan Godin, and Mark Damm.
So, if you are one of those name, CONGRATULATIONS!
And if your not on that list of winners, sign up for the 2022 Willi so you can try to make sure those lucky (and good) pilots pay in 2023.