25 Pilots Signed Up!

The 25th pilot has registered for the Willi as of today, and most of those already in are paid up and ready to go. Here’s three reasons why you should consider signing up early…

1. We’re only accepting 100 pilots into the meet. I know that seems a big number, but we had more than 80 last year, and most of them are not yet signed up.

2. In the coming months, we will be sharing important information about Spots and scoring that will make on-site registration much easier. If you are not in, you won’t get the info, so you’ll just have to stand in line while others are drinking beer or eating bratwurst.

3. Sign up and pay before June 15 and you’ll be entered into the early registration draw for $100 gift certificate at a Golden restaurant (i.e. you can buy all of us dinner).

We know some pilots like to wait to see how the weather will be before they commit. But trust us – it will be hot and sunny with fluffies everywhere during the Willi. Sign up!


An Interesting View of The Willi

Picture taken by Peter Reagan.

Willi Jet3

Willi 2015 Is Ready for Business!

Registration is now open for the Willi XC 2015. The good parts will be the same as previous years. But we’re always trying to improve, so new things are happening. Here’s 10 Things you need to know…

  1. The comp runs in Golden from July 24 to Aug 3 (flying days 25th thru 2nd) as previously announced. Registration and information is available at (http://thewillixc.com/).
  2. Registration will be capped at 100 pilots.
  3. Entry Fee stays the same at $100, with a 20% discount (so $80) if you pay before June 15, 2015.
  4. Those who pay by June 15 will also be entered into our Early Entry Draw for a $100 gift card to a local Golden restaurant.
  5. SPOTS is still required, with the tracking option on. We had all the evidence we needed last year that it continues to be a good idea.
  6. NEW: GPS Scoring – We think it is time to move to GPS scoring, and it is in line with our pilot education goals. We’ll be using the XC Canada 2015 platform to upload and score flights (http://www.xcontest.org/canada/en/). All pilots claiming a XC flight will be required to register on the XC Contest site (register early if you can), and have a GPS for logging their flights. To facilitate this change, and improve your flying experience, we’re working on upgrades to GEAR’s wifi capability, and will have extra computers available for uploading (please bring your own cables), or you can use your own. (Please Note: Novice pilots claiming only flights to the GEAR LZ will not require a GPS to participate.)
  7. Pilot Mentoring Sessions will continue. These morning sessions proved very popular last year. We need discussion leaders for these sessions. If you have something to share that would be educational for pilots in general, and XC pilots in particular, please let us know and we’ll put you on the agenda. Right off, we’re looking for someone to explain the XC Contest.
  8. Trina (GEAR Campground Lady) has already advised that reservations have been coming in and GEAR camping space is at a premium. If you want to reserve an RV or tent spot, contact her soon at http://goldenadventurepark.com/. And remember: no speeding in the campground.
  9. Other accomodation options can be found at: http://www.tourismgolden.com/
  10. All the usual social activities continue. We’re not just about the flying of course. Count on an opening night BBQ, daily pilot breakfasts (at $5/plate, still the best deal in the valley), mid-week beers and movies, rainy day distractions, a random kegger, and the trememndous closing buffet – all included in your registration. As an added bonus, our wonderful kitchen ladies will also be making up lunch bags ($10/bag at this point) for those who like sitting on launch.

If you need more info, send an email to flyfar@thewillixc.com.

Willi 2015

By the way, mark your calendar for Willi 2015. We’ll be in Golden from July 24 to Aug 3 (comp days 24th thru 2nd). See you there!

Willi 2014 Reprise

Wow, what a week. If you need a reminder of the fun we had, go to our Google shared folder to see pics uploaded by others. You’ll also find the video shown at the final dinner, produced by Carrie Corbin. If you have photos or videos from the week, please upload them there so others can see them. Thanks to the pilots, sponosors and anyone else who helped make this one of the best Willi’s ever.

Find Out What’s Happening At the Willi

Want a pilot’s perspective of what’s happening this week at the Willi, check Nicloe McLearns’s blog…

You can also track the pilots at…

Our Sponsors are Coming Through!

Thanks to the great businesses and individuals who have stepped up so far. Everyone in the Willi, please patronize the local businesses while you are in town. Many are offering discounts (see Discount column) on any purchases made during the comp. You will need to show your Willi ID (available at registration) to get the discount. Check the list at…

12 Things to Know About Willi 2014

The Willi team is working hard to get ready for this Friday. Here are some things you should know if you are joining us. Please read it through carefully for important information and resources…

  1. The forecast is excellent – but isn’t it always. Don’t worry about the naysayers. They will be wrong. Count on great weather. Go to http://flygolden.ca/weather.htm now and throughout the meet for great weather links. You should also check http://www.paraglider.ca/ for windtalkers now installed at launch and in the LZ.
  2. The scoring format has not changed. Your best 3 flights over the week (July 26-Aug 3 inclusive) will count toward your score. You can find details at http://thewillixc.com/pilotinfo/. If you can only join us on the 2 weekends, you are still in the game. Sunday, Aug 3 we are considering a classic race to Harrogate task (the old folks will recall).
  3. We’re all about the hi-tech if it makes your life easier. Landing Forms can now be submitted on-line (http://thewillixc.com/pilotinfo/landingform/) via your computer, tablet or phone. Scoring will also be posted on-line (http://thewillixc.com/pilotinfo/scoring/) and updated as quick as we can.
  4. Headquarters will be in the GEAR Pavilion. If something is happening and you’re not sure where, go to the Pavillion. If you don’t know what that is, look for a big barn.
  5. Registration will start 7:00ish Friday evening, the 25th in the Pavilion. All pilots, even those pre-registered, need to check in and get your swag. The “ish” is because that evening is likely to be blessed with a classic Golden glass-off. If it is, we might all be flying. If you miss it on Friday, we’ll do registration again Saturday morning prior to the meeting, and someone will gladly sign you up all week if necessary. Rule is though, if you’re not checked in, the flight doesn’t count, so see us first.
  6. The first Pilot Meeting will be Saturday morning at 10:00 AM SHARP in the Pavilion. All pilots should attend this first meeting. We will be providing important information regarding pilot check-in, tracking, safety, etc. Don’t miss it. There will also be Pilot Meetings every morning at 10:00. These are recommended, but not mandatory. Miss it though and you’ll be dumb all day and won’t have a cool door prize to show your friends that you actually won something at a flying competition.
  7. SPOT or equivalent, with tracking enabled, is required for the meet. You can track the progress of other competitors at http://xcfind.paraglide.us/comp.html?id=60, or share that page with family and friends so they can follow you. If you haven’t done so already, please complete the “Willi Pilot Information” questionnaire emailed to you last week. You can check whether your info is up to date by looking for a “y” in the SPOT column at http://thewillixc.com/pilotinfo/pilots/. If you didn’t get the email or are having issues, let us know. And don’t worry – help will be available at the meet if you have problems getting your tracker to work.
  8. The Mentor Program continues, though perhaps in a little different form. We are looking for people with information and insights to share about flying XC and anything related who would be willing to participate in short Q&A sessions during the meet. If you are one of those people (don’t be shy), please let us know at flyfar@thewilliXC.com, or see Dale Osmond or Randy Parkin at the meet. If you are interested in attending these educational sessions, listen for announcements at each Pilot Meeting. The first session will happen after the Pilot Meeting on Saturday, and will feature long-time Golden pilot Stewart Midwinter offering tips on how to fly Golden.
  9. Breakfast will be available every day, 8:30-10:00 AM, in the Pavilion. The cost will be $5 (cheaper than town by far). As a new feature, we have professionals doing the breakfast this year, real chefs. They promise good food. We still need volunteers for money taking and clean up. If you’d like to help, please see Dale Osmond.
  10. Take a Bag Lunch to Launch is a new service offered this year. For $12, the Blue Bird Cafe will put together a great sandwich (beef, turkey or veggie – your choice), fruit, a treat and bottle of water, and deliver it to the LZ for us by 11:00 AM if we pre-order the evening before. Janet Morris will be taking names each day for lunch the next, so check with her if you’re interested.
  11. The famous Muller Wind Sports BBQ (thanks Vincene, Keith and the instructor staff) will go off as usual on Saturday the 26th at 7:00ish (see glassoff comment above). Brats and beers my friends, with the food free and the beer cheap (bring some twonies). We’re also saving a keg for later in the week, should the weather gods require us to drink and dance around the fire to bring good conditions.
  12. The wonderful Closing Buffet and Prize Ceremony, hosted by the Cluckos, will happen Sunday, Aug 3rd at 7:00 PM, or as early as is feasible given the flying (the race to Harrogate is intended to get us all home early to eat). Entrants in the Willi get this meal free. Others can get a ticket for $20 – see Carrie Corbin. Buy extra tickets as early in the week as you can so the cooks (again, our professional chefs) know how many to cook for.

If you have any questions or concerns, send them in an email to flyfar@thewillixc.com.

Canadian Weather Forecasting

It’s getting to the time now when we all start watching the weather forecasts, eager to know whether our investment in the Willi will actually payoff in flyable conditions. Relax – it will. Trust us!

And just for fun, take a look at this classic from way back in 1997, when the Willi was just getting started, and the weather was much less predictable…


Golden-Invermere Map

If you’d like an annotated map of the range you’ll be flying, showing highlights and tips, go here: http://thewillixc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/GoldenMap.pdf

One correction: we now have it on reasonable authority that our ceiling in the Parson-Briscoe area is 15,000, not 12,500 as noted on the map.