New PG Prize: Most Sledders!

Mentioning those big flights in our last post reminded us that not everyone is ready for XC. Have no fear – the Willi is a comp for everyone. To that end, and thanks to a generous donation of a great prize from Muller Windsports, we’d like to announce our newest “specialty” prize: Most Sledders!

This is a contest for newbies only, and will be won by the pilot in the PG Novice category completing the greatest number of flights from launch to Muller Flight Park, with no XC points claimed, and a bonus-worthy landing (on your feet and safe, as adjudicated by the throngs watching every landing). The contest will start at noon, Saturday, July 25 (after the morning Pilot’s Meeting) and end at 3:00 PM, Sunday, Aug 2.

Set your alarms, cushion your bladders and don your dust masks – this could be the most hotly contested prize of the week. Don’t worry HGs, we’re working on a similarly demented challenge for you too.