HG Super Sledder Award

Not long ago we announced a new award for PG Novices, the “Super Sledder”, a contest for newbies only.

(Drum rollllllllll) THERE’S A SUPER SLEDDER FOR HGs TOO. We didn’t want to leave our stiffie pilot friends out, so we will also have a prize for the HG pilot completing the greatest number of flights from launch to Muller Flight Park, with no XC points claimed, and a bonus-worthy landing (on your feet, no aluminum touching or broken, and safe, as adjudicated by the throngs watching every landing). The contest will start at noon, Saturday, July 25 (after the morning Pilot’s Meeting) and end at 3:00 PM, Sunday, Aug 2.

Trust us – the prizes are worth working for. Set your alarms, cushion your bladders and don your dust masks pilots and drivers. These new awards are also sure to turn the LZ into a much better spot for spectators.