Goals and Organization

Our Goal

We have a tradition to uphold. Our goal is to run a meet where all level of pilot has an opportunity to…

  • Pursue their personal best in a competitive environment;
  • Meet and enjoy the company of fellow pilots:
  • Fly safely at all times; and,
  • Above all—have fun.

Our Organization

These individuals work hard to make the Willi the best it can be…

John McIsaac. Advanced paraglider pilot, flying for last 20 plus years, stopped counting the hours in the air. Moved into flying sailplanes as well as power planes. Purchased the LZ site because it was going to be sold into the wrong hands and we would have lost the LZ to a potential golf course. Developed the campground after a paragliding trip to Europe, and modeled it after a LZ in Austria. Named the landing zone “the Muller Flight Park” in recognition of the Mullers for all their dedication to the free flight community.

Randy Parkin. He created the Willi in 1997, and has been Meet Head for 20 of our 25 years. He also ran the PG Nationals for 10 years in Golden. Randy has been flying PGs for 28 years, always attracting nicknames like “anchor” or “brick”. His GPS has a track worn in it to the beer store in Briscoe, and he has landed in all the safe (and some not so safe) fields from Mt. 7 to that store. His travels to fly and compete have included the US, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Nepal. If you want to have a great XC flight at Golden, do exactly the opposite of what Randy does.

Dannie Wolf. Has been paragliding since June of 2005 and counts flying above the Canadian Rockies he loves so much as one of the greatest experiences a person could ever have. Having loved competing in Willi XC’s in the past he is looking forward to helping make this year’s competition as great as it can be and hopes to see all his flying friends at the event this summer!

Stewart Midwinter. Our Special Advisor has flew hang gliders for 37 years, and paragliders for 25 years, as well as sailplanes, ultra lights, and airplanes. Has logged 2400 flights and 1200 hours in hang gliders, and 1000 flights and 700 hours in paragliders , on five continents. Set 16 Canadian records and 5 World Records in hang gliders. Organized the first paragliding competition in Western Canada at Golden, the predecessor to the Willi.

Dave Corbin. Once a dedicated Hang Glider pilot, was seduced by the dark side and now mostly flies rags for glory. He believes that Fairmont Hot Springs is as far as any man ought to go down the valley from Golden. Currently he is enjoying sharing free flight experiences with others as a tandem pilot. Dave has consistently used his skills to set new records for short, thermal avoidance flights from far flung destinations such as Costa Rica, France, Italy and South America.

Mark Damm. Mark has been flying paragliders since 2014. He is also an instructor and travels to southern California each winter to fly.  After initially doing social media for the Willi XC, Mark joined the Organizing Committee in 2019.

Also organizing : Vincene Muller, Keith MacCullough, Jon Lovering, Kyle Martens

If you are interested in helping out with the Willi next year, please email us at flyfar@thewillixc.com.