Early Registration Deadline Coming Up!

Hey all, a gentle reminder that we’re just 13 days away from the June 15 deadline for early registration. You can save yourself $20 by registering and paying early. And, more important, you’ll have one of the just 100 spots available and be entered in the Early Registration draw for dinner while you’re in Golden.

Here are just a few other enticements as finalized at our big team meeting last night…

  • The Muller BBQ will happen Saturday evening, July 25, featuring homemade sausage (thanks Glen) and kegs of “Rutting Elk Red” (thanks Vincene, John, Dale and Randy).
  • The Pilot Bags for each competitor are logoed this year and look great. They will be stuffed with the famous Willi Buff, all kinds of helpful items, and the inevitable paper work to keep you out of the doghouse with the organizers and landowners.
  • Our sponsors are really winding up, so you can expect Morning Meeting and Dinner Raffle prizes that include a hiking harness, varios, wind meters, T-shirts, gift certificates, etc.
  • The Breakfast Ladies are raring to go with even nicer breakfasts, a lunch bag program, and the big buffet to end it all off.
  • Many ways to win, with the new “Super Sledder” Award (most landings at the LZ) joining returning favorites the “Willi Make It” (you don’t want to win this one) and “Spot, Spot, Where’s the F****G Spot”.

All this, and the best flying you will do all year. What’s the hold up – sign up! 56 pilots already have.