2020 Willi Final

The 2020 Willi has come to a close in a very different way from previous years. No closing party, extended goodbyes, or big clean-up. The weather almost all week was hot, dry, and not too windy. And no fires – go figure. There was some great flying done too, especially by our winners…
PG Intermediate:
  • 1st – Robert Maguire 265 points
  • 2nd – Adam Gordon 143
  • 3rd – Toby Stier 113
  • 4th – David Longshaw 109
PG Advanced:
  • 1st – Brian Duchovnay 389 points
  • 2nd – Nate Neufeld 91 (on 1 flight)
Winners, Robert and Brian, get a free entry to next Year’s Willi and will have their names added to the appropriate winner’s plaque. Dannie advises these scores would have been competitive any year. It’s unfortunate more pilots didn’t submit flights, but we hope everyone enjoyed the flying they had.
Let’s all hope 2021 lets us get back to a more normal comp, the kind we all know and love. Our committee has some big plans for the 25th, what we’re tentatively calling “The Longest Willi”. Stay tuned for more.