Hang Glider Launching on Mt7, Golden, BC, CanadaTake Off, Eh!

Hello and welcome! This is the official website and your definitive information source for The Willi XC Challenge – a hang gliding and paragliding event held annually at the fantastic Mount 7 flying site in Golden, BC.

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Covid restrictions and lockdowns remain uncertain, but the 2021 Willi is going ahead anyway – longer and virtual.

This will be the 25th year of what started as a side bet challenge amongst a small group for flying friends and has grown into an annual XC pilgrimage for many. Due to Covid restrictions, this iteration will not be the big event we had hoped for, but we want it to happen in the best possible way. We will announce final details as the comp approaches and the restrictions likely to be in place become more clear, but here’s what we are planning right now…

  • Virtual Event – registration, check-in, pilot meetings, scoring, etc. will be done on-line, with meetings to be hosted via a platform to be determined but hopefully convenient for all.
  • 16 Flying Days – qualifying flights by registered pilots will count from July 24 thru Aug 8.
  • Multiple Launches – flights allowed from Mt 7, Swansea, or Wasa assuming local site rules adhered to.
  • Usual Scoring – your best 3 qualifying XC flights during the competition, reported via XCanada, and landing form submitted on a timely basis will count toward your score.
  • Minimal Restrictions – Competitors are required to fly from an allowed launch, within the limits of their pilot qualifications, respecting all local site and air space restrictions.
  • Tracking Required – you must fly with SPOT or InReach tracking enabled and registered with us.

Entry fee: $50

As we get closer to the event and know more about the Covid restrictions in place, we will add features as possible. If we add features later, they will be pay-as-you-go.

Thanks all for your continued interest and participation. If you have questions for us, email flyfar@thewillixc.com and we’ll do our best to answer them. To register, click here.

The Willi Team

If you need encouragement

Check out some of the action in this video from Jean Brossard who came all the way from New Zealand to fly with us again in 2016, after a 14 year absence.


Our Goals…

To run a meet where all type and level of foot-launched pilot have an opportunity to…

  • Pursue their personal best in a competitive environment;
  • Meet and enjoy the company of fellow pilots;
  • Fly safely at all times; and,
  • Above all, have fun.

Known by the regulars as “The Willi”, this co-ed hang gliding/paragliding meet began in 1997 and has evolved into a great annual get-together for pilots from across Canada, the US and elsewhere.

VideoFlying XC in Golden, BC during the 2013 Willi Muller XC Challenge – by Steven Semisch

With The Lookout on Mount 7 in Golden, BC as the launch point, the competition focuses on Open-Distance XC and Out-and-Return flights at one of the premier XC sites in North America. This is your best, safest and most fun opportunity to fly big distance in the mountains.

Don’t let the word “competition” deter you. The key word for this meet is “fun”. While the experienced pilots will (as usual) want to pit their skills against their peers, it’s all done in the spirit of good fun in a relatively low-stress environment. For the intermediate and veteran pilots out there, there’s a chance to build your XC chops at a big mountain, big air site. This is also an excellent opportunity for low air time pilots to gain some XC experience and learn from more seasoned pilots. You’re welcome even if you just want to hang out at launch, watch what more experienced pilots do, then take a sledder at the end of the day. In fact, our intent is to reward you for doing just that – safely and well. This event is a great opportunity to learn and build your confidence in a friendly atmosphere.

And it isn’t just about the flying. Golden is a great setting. We’re planning a full schedule of learning and social activities that will keep pilots, drivers and their families busy all week.

Be sure to check the News Updates on this site to get the latest event information.

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Thanks. See you in Golden!